The Royal Square @  Irradwaddy Road

Directly linked to Novena MRT Station – Prominently located at the junction of Irradwaddy Road and Thomson Road

R oyal Square is an economic development group that helps in offering a fell service both as a real estate developer and also as a commercial developer.  Royal Square is also a home for very many other existing commercial developments such as United Square and also the Square 2.  This team is always committed and determined to better the quality of urban life.  They expect to do this through Development Strategic properly acquisition which will also be a community minded and finally through construction.

Location of Royal Square

Royal Square at Novena is located at the heart of Thomson Road, Novena vicinity alongside the visioned Health City Novena, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year 2030 and apparently it will be one of the largest healthcare completed in Singapore.  Royal Square will be a 33 storey commercial and hotel development that will have a 250 rooms with Royal Square Site map 3 levels of car parks, medical suites and, of course, a swimming pool at the rooftop.

For most medical professionals, Royal Square is definitely a perfect choice for them.  This is because it comprises of restaurants, a hotel, shops and medical suites that will definitely help in offering efficiency in one package since the entire medical guest and tourists too can be able to get their needs from the mall and also be able to rest in the hotel room.  The convenience and the efficiency that Royal Square offers is one that every investor should put into consideration.

The Developer of Royal Square

Hoi Hup Sunway Novena Pte Ltd is the developer of the Royal Square Novena Hoi Hup Sunway comprises of a combined strength between two companies that are well established and experts in their field.  The tow companies have continually proved their winning duo through the success of two collaborations one being The Peak @ Toa Payoh and the other Miltonia Residences at Yishun and here they are now working on this major project named Royal Square.

Royal Square Novena has a hotel that will provide the accommodation facilities, and also a mall hence commercial services will be in plenty supporting all the surrounding business and offering
wide range of amenities to all the residents in that area.  This means that you can be able to access plenty of services all under one roof and this count as an added advantage since it saves you the time and hassle Its location is very convenient since it is located at the central Novena vicinity and is exclusively near to the Novena MRT Station hence this implies that is very easy for individuals who wish to navigate to and to manage to do it in a stress-free manner.  There are also buses that people can board if they wish to and not to forget if you are driving, then you are also catered and will have a very smooth ride since the transport system is very convenient for all kind of people.

Royal Square Novena seeks to provide a convenient healthcare system.  Patients who travel for the medical services wish to have a comfortable and a convenient system during their period of medication they are in a foreign environment and they wish to have an easy way around the foreign land.  The good thing is that the Royal Square has a hotel, which is managed Royal Square Novena Medical Hubby the Eight Courtyard by Marriott.  Will offer accommodation services that the oversea patients can be able to acquire and is conveniently locate in the same building.

The Royal Square at Novena is located at the junction of Irrawaddy Road and Thomson Road.  It offers a wide range of transport system choices for its residents.  One of the most convenient and means is the MRT Station.  It is located at the doorstep of Royal Square Novena, implying that is just a short walk from the Royal Square, just across the street below the Novena Mall hence connecting all the residents and staff to another area of the town.  This implies that the navigation to and from is very convenient and most all reliable.

There are also a number of big hospitals that enable the Novena area to be a well known medical hub centre in Singapore hence future development plans in support of the services being offered are definitely in place.  Such hospitals include Novena Medical Centre, Notional Skin Centre, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, National Neuroscience Institue and Mount Elizabeth Hospital.

The Royal Square is a commercial development complex build to create a space for ultra modern services which include: modern restaurants, high standard hotels, medical units that will be fixed with modern equipment and beautifully designed shops to cater for all types of businesses. This proposed business complex square is a true indication of the booming tourism business in Singapore and a high need of medical services of the people and the residents of Novena. It will be a 33 storey high building comprising of 51 retail shops of level 1 and 2, 171 medical suites from level 7 to 21, hotels and restaurant of all social classes ranging from level 22 to 33. This attractive high building that will be viewed from a far distance will have a white site maximum permissible gross floor area of 28,043 meter square and a maximum building height of 153 meters.

The Royal Square Novena is located at Novena Health City, at the junction of Thomson Road and Irrawaddy Road, a place that is easily reachable and conducive for business activities. Deep within the medical hub of Singapore, the royal square is surrounded by several health facilities. Residents can use different means of transportation as for others it’s just a walking distance.The royal square will sit on a site area of 6,676.8 meter square on a 99 years leased land.

The Royal Square was developed by Hoi Hup Sunway. This is a partnership of Hoi Hup Pte Ltd and Sunway Developments Pte Ltd. This two companies combined their prowess, expertise and experience in design and development to create a master piece of architecture that has won the hearts of many people around the world.

Just to take a close insight of this two companies, Hoi Hup Pte Ltd is a well experienced and a highly established developer company in Singapore. Being part of Hoi Hup Group of companies, Hoi Hup Pte Ltd has build its profile in the development and real estate industry and has managed to develop several renowned developments which include, Residences at Killiney,Suites at Cairnhill, Charlton Villas and many more.

Sunway Developments Pte Ltd is a Malaysian company that focuses its services in property development, education, real estate management, architectural work, design and building, information and technology and tourism and hospitality. Sunway Developments Pte Ltd is part of Sunway Group of company.

Why buy Royal Square at Novena?

The royal square posses a wide spectrum of advantages and significance to business people willing to explore the economy of Novena and Singapore at large.
First , it is integrated with many shops and units and thus provides you with a variety of shops to choose from depending on your capital capabilities. Its accessibility is also guaranteed as many residents will use different transportation such as the Central Expressway and Plan Island Expressway to access it and create market for business people.

Most importantly, Royal Square is located at Singapore’s medical hub and this, will provide a rare opportunity to any business person to venture into the medical industry. As Singapore is becoming internationally know for its best medical services and hospitality, many people around will get this opportunity of venturing in both tourism and medical business.

The government of Singapore has also made it easier for people to do business as it has deducted seller stamp duty tax and reduce loan restriction. This initiative will create a perfect environment for people, both locally and internationally to explore this rare and perfect business opportunity.

How to find Royal Square Novena

Due to its magnificent features and structures, you may be compelled to take a close glance of this authentic, yet rare commercial complex. Royal Square is a wonderfully designed business complex that can be accessed by any body from all spheres of the world. Physically, the Royal Square Novena is located at the junction of Thomson Road and Irrawaddy Road. Area residents have many options of getting to this complex. Many buses that connect to the Orchard road can reach the Royal Square Novena between five to eight minutes depending on traffic and time. Nearby bus stations include, NS20 Novena MRT Station which is 0.29 kilometers away, NS21 Newton MRT station which is 1.04 kilometers and NS19 Toa Payoh MRT station which is 1.44 kilometers away.

You can also get more information about the royal square in pictures and design from the internet via its website. It has a detailed information including structural design pictures, eagles view of the complex that gives viewers a wider knowledge about the square and a clear geographical location for visitors to connect the roads easily.

Best layout for selecting a unit in Royal Square

First and foremost, the size of the business intended for matters a lot. A unit depends on the mount of capital you are willing to invest. More so ,the target market. As the Royal Square is located at the heart of Singapore’s medical hub, it will be very easier for business people to venture into services or sell products that directly or indirectly connects with the medical industry. This will create a wider opportunity to apture the medical market. The location and site of the business within Royal Square is also very vital. Units will be distributed according to your own preferences or the income generated by the business.

For any person willing to venture into new markets, then the Royal Square is the perfect place. In a serene environment and a hospitable nation that creates conducive business environment for anybody around the orld to work in. As you ponder about this extra-ordinary and marvelous initiative and have the capability of exploring the magnificence business opportunity of Singapore, don’t think twice but think once about entering into the Royal Sqaure Novena and get a rewarding experience.

Royal Square Units Details:

Type Built-Up Area (sqft) No.of Units
Level 1- 2: Retail Shops 226 -915 25
Level 1 – 2: Restuarant 280 – 2670 24
Level 6: Restaurant 2583/ 4790 2
Level 7 – 9: Day Surgery, Imaging and Labortabory 8643 3
Level 10 – 21: Medical Suites 420 – 786 168
Level 22 – 33: Hotel Rooms 250

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